Multi-Subspecialty Education for low-Resource Settings (MSERS)

The Multi-Subspecialty Education for Low-Resource Settings (MSERS) series confronts the unique health education challenges in Ontario’s Indigenous Communities. Topics are identified by nurses, physicians, and indigenous health leaders who work within the 133 First Nation communities across Ontario. The MSERS series focuses on locally relevant topics, presented by content leaders in the health care fields across the entire range of medical subspecialties.

Planning Committee

  • Ben Thomson MD FRCPC, Mackenzie Health; Queens University
  • Marika Bellerose RN NP, Indigenous Services Canada
  • Azad Mashari MD FRCPC, University Health Network; University of Toronto
  • Cory McFarlane MD CFPC, North Bay Regional Health Centre; Sioux Lookout, Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre
  • Josiah Butt MD, Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University



  1. Protected Code Blue in the North (PDF) or Recorded Zoom Presentation and Meeting (Coming Soon)- Dr. Laurie Mazurik, Jan 28 (2021)
  2. Oxygenation Options and Considerations for Northern communities (PDF) – Dr. Cory McFarlane & Dr. Azad Mashari, Feb 11 (2021)
  3. Pharmacologic Management of COVID-19 Infection: Review of the Evidence and Treatment Algorithms (PDF) or Recorded Zoom Presentation (.mp4) with referencesDr. Ben ThomsonMarch 4 (2021)


  1. Contraception (PDF) or Recorded Zoom presentation (mp4)– Dr. Lesley Roberts, April 1, (2021). Additional Resources: (i) Counselling for Contraception guide (ii) Canadian Contraception Consensus Documents on Emergency Contraception, Intrauterine contraception, Progestin-only contraception, Combined hormonal contraception
  2. Vaginal pain Recorded Zoom presentation (mp4) – Dr. Julie Ann Francis, April 15 (2021)
  3. The Pap Smear (PDF and recorded Zoom presentation (mp4) coming soon – Dr. Lesley Roberts, May 13 (2021)
  4. Vulvar Discharge and Pruritus (PDF, Assessment form for Pelvic Pain, and recorded Zoom presentation coming after the presentation) – Dr. Julie Ann Francis, May 27 (2021)


  1. Challenging cases of Hypertension – Review of CHEP Guidelines (PDF and recorded Zoom presentation (mp4)) – Dr. Ben Thomson, April 29 (2021) Additional Resources: (i) CHEP (Canadian Hypertension Education Program) Hypertension Highlights (ii) International Society of Hypertension Guidelines (105 page document- page 21 for mechanism of measurement/)
  2. Diabetes Management at the Nursing Station (PDF and recorded Zoom presentation coming after the presentation) – Dr. Bikram Sidhu, June 10 (2021)

UPCOMING SCHEDULE: We will be BACK September 3 (2021) for more outstanding sessions, inspired by those WORKING IN remote settings, FOR people in remote settings.

Please contact to suggest topics for future sessions, or to provide comments on any of the sessions.

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