3D modeling, 3D Printing & Micro-manufacturing Lab
@ University Health Network

We work on bringing the power of 3D imaging, modeling & 3D printing technologies to the front-lines of healthcare, research & education.

Our  programs include:

  • 3D Printing & Related Services: modeling, printing and micromanufacturing
  • Education in perioperative imaging, 3D modeling and printing
  • Research in applications of perioperative imaging to improve outcomes and safety of surgical procedures
  • Development & manufacturing of high fidelity simulators and task trainers for medical education and surgical planning
  • Open-Source development and evaluation of essential medical devices.
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Surgical Planning Model

3D Modeling

Creation of 3D digital models from mechanical parts, CAD files and medical imaging (CT, MRI, 3D Ultrasound).


3D Printing

Rapid turn-around 3D printing services with a wide range of printing technologies and materials. For prototyping and small scale manufacturing. Automated process monitoring available.

Complex Mediastinal Tumor

Patient-Specific Surgical Planing Models

Creation of 3D models from medical imaging data to assist in planning surgical procedures. Models can be 3D printed or visualized in a variety of modalities such as on-screen rendering, animation, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Echocardiography phantom based on Cardiac CT.

Simulation & Task Training

Development of high fidelity multi-model simulators & task trainers based on medical imaging data, tailored to specific curriculum and educational objectives. Task trainers with tactile fidelity can be manufactured at low-cost to represent a wide range of normal and pathological variants based on real cases.

NRP Enclosure

Part Design & Micro-Manufacturing

Design, prototyping & manufacturing of custom labware, mechanical parts, medical devices using a variety of techniques and materials: 3D printing (thermoplastics, photopolymers, powder and others), Laser cutting, Casting (plastics, silicones and gels), Circuit printing, electronic prototyping & mechatronics.

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Azad Mashari MD


Joshua Hiansen

Industrial Designer, Modelling Technician

K Kazlovich

Lab Manager

Sarah Russell

Administrative Assistant

Jacobo Moreno MD

Principal Investigator

William Ng MBBS

Principal Investigator

Michael Dinsmore MD

Scientific Advisor

Vahid Anwari

Research Assistant, Radiology Technician

Yannis Amador MD

Research Associate

Arnaud Romeo Mbadjeu Hondjeu
Arnaud Mbadjeu Hondjeu MD

Clinical Fellow

Jesse May
Jesse May MD

Resident Physician

Samareh Ajami

Research Assistant