Main Resources

Official POCUS rotation website: University of Toronto Anesthesia POCUS rotation Portal. Accessible to U of T Residents only. Please contact Dr. Marco Silva (SBK) if unable to find your log-in credentials. An excellent set of webinar recordings curated by Dr. Alberto Goffi (Critical Care, SMH) on introductory and advanced POCUS topics. Requires free account to be approved by Dr. Goffi. Modules on various topics including POCUS. Requires free registration. University of Utah On-line POCUS seminars. No registration required. Great website with resources on gastric ultrasound. By Dr. Anahi Perlas and team at Toronto Western Hospital.

Additional Resources Resources primarily for Perioperative TEE education but which may be of interest. Includes recorded lectures, references and slides.

Introductory Material

Basic Cardiac Anatomy for Ultrasound
1. Cardiac Anatomy for Trans-Thoracic Echocaridiography (TTE)

Human Heart Base by APIL

2. Orientation of heart base in thorax; chambers, major vessels, relationship to esophagus & airway

Whole Heart Blood Pool Model by APIL

3. Standard echocardiographic imaging planes in 3D (12 clips)