3D Print from CT – Hands-on Course

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Event Time:

8:00 am EDT

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Toronto General Hospital

This half-day introductory hands-on course will cover the basic open-source workflow from a CT data-set to generating a 3D model of a structure of interest and 3D printing the (scaled down) model.

Course Objectives & Outline

  • Installation and set-up of the open-source tools 3D Slicer and Prusa Slicer on your computer (Linux, Windows, Mac) supported.
    • Accessing sample CT data-sets
  • Segmentation of anatomic structures from CT data to create a digital 3D model
    • Basic functionality of 3D Slicer image processing platform for processing and segmentation of CT data
    • Manual segmentation of airway from a chest CT
    • Semi-automated segmentation of lungs using a 3D Slicer extension
    • Creation and optimization of 3D digital model from the segmented airway and lungs
  • Preparation of 3D digital model for printing
    • Preparation of 3D digital model for printing
  • 3D printing of scaled model
    • Basic set-up of a Fused Deposition Modeller (FDM) 3D printer
    • Processing and printing of scaled model

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
Total Seats: 10


  • Toronto General Hospital
  • 200 Elizabeth Street
  • Toronto
  • ON
  • M5G 2C4
  • Canada

Event Schedule Details

  • 2023-07-29 8:00 am EDT   -   12:00 pm EDT
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