3D TEE Course Friday November 1, 2019 (Lectures only)

3D Acquisition

  1. Introduction to 3D TEE – W. Tsang (PDF) (Recordings Coming Soon!)
  2. 3D TEE image optimization – M. Meineri (PDF)
  3. TEE Acquisition I: LV, RV, AV/TAVI – J. Moreno (PDF)
  4. 3D TEE Acquisition II: MV – A. Vegas (PDF)
  5. TEE Acquisition III: TV, PV, LAA, CS, Pulm Veins, IAS, Aorta – J. Ender (PDF)
  6. Echo Anatomy: 3D models & imaging correlation – A. Mashari, M. Meineri (PDF)

Clinical applications

  1. Clinical Cases I: AV/TAVI – J. Moreno (PDF)
  2. Clinical Cases II: MV – A. Vegas (PDF)
  3. Clinical Cases III: LAA – W. Tsang (PDF)
  4. Clinical Cases IV:Paravalvular Leak – A. Omran (PDF)

Toronto Perioperative Echocardiography Symposium

Saturday November 2, 2019

Session 1

  1. Perioperative TEE standardized exam: how much is enough? – J. Ender
  2. What is new in the ASE guidelines? – A. Nicoara
  3. The “standard” 3D exam – K. Rehfeldt (PDF)
  4. Case Panel: Residual MR after repair – M. Badiwala, W. Tsang. A. Vegas
  5. Comprehensive TEE assessment of RV function – N. Silverton
  6. TEE assessment of pulmonary hemodynamics – C. Tousignant (PDF)

Session 2

  1. Prosthetic valves in 2019 – M. Badiwala
  2. TEE for prosthetic valve assessment – M. Meineri
  3. TEE to guide treatment of Paravalvular leaks – W. Tsang
  4. 3D in my daily practice – F. Mahmood

Sunday November 3, 2019

Session 3

  1. Surgical approach to AI – J. Chung (PDF)
  2. TEE evaluation of AI – F. Mahmood
  3. Case Panel: Residual AI after Bicuspid Repair – A. Mashari, F. Mahmood, J. Chung, A. Omran
  4. Diastolic dysfunction assessment in my daily practice – A. Nicoara (PDF)
  5. Strain in my daily practice – K. Rehfeldt (PDF)
  6. Extra cardiac TEE to assess venous stasis and visceral perfusion – G. Desjardins (PDF)
  7. Congenital heart disease nomenclature – E. Oechslin (PDF) (PPTX)
  8. TEE in ACHD made simple – A. Vegas (PDF)
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