Cerberus Multivent – Emergency Ventilator Splitting System

BVM High Acuity Low Operability (HALO) Ventilator

Low-Aerosol BiPAP Full-face Mask – Glia Collaboration

Personal Protective Equipment

Perioperative 3D imaging and patient-specific modeling

  • This program currently includes studies to evaluate the feasibility and validate the accuracy of workflows for creating 3D digital and printed models of normal and pathological mitral and aortic valves as well as 3D echocardiographic evaluation of intraoperative cardiac output. The MV project compared all currently available software packages for 3D MV modeling against a reference standard of manual measurements. Manuscript in preparation. The AV project evaluated the accuracy of 3D segmentation and printing of the aortic root models using proprietary and open source software against a reference standard of manual measurements. Manuscript in preparation.

  • Three observational studies currently in the initiation stage evaluating the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on biventricular systolic and diastolic function (with Dr. Rita Katznelson); the prognostic value of RV systolic and LV diastolic function indices on outcomes after kidney and liver transplant (with Dr. Stuart McCluskey).

  • Three projects currently in manuscript preparation stage assessing prognostic value of pre-operative RV mechanics for post-operative outcomes in in specific surgical populations at high risk of clinically significant RV dysfunction: Patients undergoing pulmonary Thromboendarterectomy, Pulmonary valve replacement after Tetralogy of Fallot Repair, and Ebstein’s anomaly after tricuspid valve repair or replacement (case series).

  • Heart transplant organ assessment (w. Dr. Mitesh Badiwala, Cardiac Surgery. Technical support from Autodesk residency program). Development of devices and techniques for echocardiographic assessment of porcine and human hearts during ex-vivo perfusion as part of a project to develop a system for preserving, conditioning and assessing sub-optimal donor hearts prior to transplant.